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Patios Aldie, VA

Patios Aldie, VA Since we started doing business in 1990, we have completed dozens of patio projects in the state of Virginia, many of them in Aldie Township. In fact, the patios that we have created since we began operations still exist up to these days and in perfect condition and beauty. This is proof that we donít just create any other patio -- we create lasting ones.

Connect with us at Thorpe Landscape, Inc., and let us build you a standout patio that will have everything you expect in an outdoor living amenity.

Patio Designs that We Offer

Having been in the business for over 20 years now, we have mastered our craft and have established a reputation for excellent patio installation services. The great demarcation line between our company and all the other companies installing patios for VA residents lies in the design that we offer.

For example, clients who want the classic look will be pleased to know that we can build an Old World-inspired patio that has time-hewn and elegant appeal. Meanwhile, those who prefer a more offbeat feel can go for a modern or contemporary theme. We can also achieve other designs and themes, such as Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, or Greek, depending on what clients are after.

The great thing about the themes and designs that we offer is that they can complement with the current design of a clientís home. This way, the patio will be an interesting focal point and not an expensive eyesore.

Our Patio Creation Process

Patios Aldie, VA Building patios from scratch is a tedious process that only experts can complete with commendable results. Fortunately, clients in Aldie, VA and other areas nearby donít have to look far if they want a patio that is functional, beautiful, and guaranteed to last for decades.

Thorpe Landscape, Inc. create only fine patios that can pass the standards of discriminating clients, as well as those who just want a simple yet elegant patio. We do this by ensuring that we have done all preparations the right way. These include grading, excavating, and installing of pavers, as well as installation of amenities that clients need.

Our systematic construction of patios makes work flow smoothly and ensures timely project completion. For example, we follow proven techniques of installing concrete pavers or flagstones to ensure the reliability of the flooring. Our crews also use the right tools and equipment, such as excavators, graders, and compactors.

The Best Patio Installation Personnel

Our crews have decades of experience installing extraordinary patios for Aldie clients. Everyone in our installation team is licensed and skilled in all aspects of the job. Our installers also possess keen attention to details, so clients wonít have to worry about a specification being left out. Moreover, our personnel are extremely dedicated to providing clients with excellent work quality through the patio amenities that they create. With us, you can definitely look forward to enjoying all the great benefits of a well-appointed, attractive patio.

So please call us soon at 703-926-6320 for your inquiries. We provide a free and honest price quote, depending on your budget and specifications. We look forward to hearing from you and creating your dream patio.
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