Masonry Repairs - Polymeric Sand

Masonry Repairs, Haymarket, VA Masonry features are known for their durability, but proper maintenance goes a long way in increasing their lifespan. Both weather and time can create gradual deterioration and cracks. You will need the services of an experienced hardscaping company like Thorpe Landscape Inc to provide routine maintenance and repair services to keep your hardscapes in their full glory. We service HOAs and homeowners throughout the Northern Virginia Area. Our experienced masons work with different types of materials including stone, brick, and concrete. We also provide re-sanding services with polymeric sand.

Masonry Repair Services

Masonry repair services are required for hardscapes for a wide range of reasons. Some of the common reasons for such repairs include brick or mortar deterioration, brick erosion, and water penetration. We have been providing hardscaping and repair services since 1990. Some of the common repair services that we complete regularly include:

  • Brick & Mortar Repairs: We can fix and renew cracked and crumbling mortar.
  • Masonry Step Repairs: We will repair eh steps to make them usable and safe again.
  • Concrete Repairs: We can fix chips and cracks that may appear in your concrete to give a brand-new look.
  • Patio Repairs: We can redo your patio to renew the space.
  • Concrete Re-Surfacing: We can give your concrete a new and fresh look.

Installing Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is widely used for stone pavers, but it is also known for the unique challenges that come with the installation. From installation to re-sanding, we take care of everything. Some of the benefits we bring to our clients through our services include:

  • Improved interlocking of pavers
  • Longer-lasting finish
  • Optimal joint stabilization
  • Preventing weed and moss growth
  • Resistance to natural erosion
  • Giving a more beautiful look to paver joints
  • Preventing insect infestation

We use only high-quality polymeric sand for all our projects.

Benefits of Polymeric Sand Installation

Polymeric sand is widely popular here in Northern Virginia Area. Proper installation with brick pavers, concrete pavers, and stone pavers can help deter weed growth. If you have paver stones, they can create the ideal environment for weeds. We can install polymeric sand to effectively remove and prevent the problem.

Another advantage of using polymeric sand is the increase in durability and strength of your pavers. The materials used in this type of sand create a strong binding effect that locks the pavers in place. It will also give a professional look to your patios and walkways for longer periods.

Your Trusted Masonry Experts

At Thorpe Landscape Inc, we believe that that masonry repairs are an important investment in your property. Our repair services focus on providing excellent customer service, convenience, and quality results. We are strongly committed to providing the best in masonry repair and polymeric sand installation services.

If you need more information about our services, contact us today. You may call us at 703-926-6320 and discuss your needs and goals with one of our specialized experts. You may also send us your query using this Online Form or use it to fix an appointment.