River Stone Installation

River Stone Installation, Haymarket, VA River stone or river rock installation can be a great aesthetic and practical addition to your landscape. When paired well with your landscape’s fabric, river rocks can offer many benefits including moisture retention. They will not decompose or blow away. River rocks are also great for installation around pool areas, as they don’t blow away or wash out, requiring you to clean the pool too often. Besides, there is no need for annual replacement, making them a cost-effective beautification project.

We at Thorpe Landscape Inc provide river stone installation as a standalone service or as part of our overall landscaping services. We cater to the landscaping needs of homeowners, commercial clients, and HOAs throughout the Northern Virginia Area.

Versatile River Stone Installation Services

We cover all your river stone and other landscaping services requirements in Haymarket, Manassas, and the surrounding regions. We can install river rocks in different areas such as for edging flower beds, completing rock-scapes, or for other customized projects.

We have access to a vast array of river stone and rock selection. Our installation services can help transform your water features or landscape into a more beautiful and relaxing space. We can also create drainage swales to direct water runoff.

Types of River Stones & Rocks

We offer different types of river stones and rocks. Our landscape designers can work with you to help you make the right choice of stone based on your vision, ideas, landscape theme, and existing features. The options we offer include:

  • Light-Colored Pebbles: Light-colored pebbles are perfect for flower beds. They help highlight bright flowers and lush greens.
  • Lava Rocks: Lava rocks are porous and rough and available in red and black colors. We can install them in any landscape design to create a stunning effect. They also blend perfectly with Polynesian-themed gardens.
  • River Rocks: River rocks are cherished for their smoothness and darkness. They give a more natural look to your landscape. If you want to add a sense of tranquility and calmness to an environment, river rocks make a great choice. White river rocks are mostly white with touches of gray and tan. They are valued for their smooth rounded texture. Brown river rock stands out for its brown, white, and cream colors.
  • Gravel: Gravel comprises smaller rocks. We often use them in hardscape designs along with larger rocks. These rocks have excellent practical application in water conservation in dry environments.

We can supply many other types of river stones and install them professionally to create the perfect space. We at Thorpe Landscape Inc are your full-service landscaping service provider in Northern Virginia Area. This means we can plan your river stone installation project while keeping all other landscaping elements and features in mind. If you need more information about our softscaping and hardscaping services, feel free to contact us today. Give us a call at 703-926-6320 or send us a message from our Contact Us page. We will have one of our specialized experts reach back to you to provide detailed information.