Overseeding Haymarket, VA

We at Thorpe Landscape Inc. are a force to reckon with in the landscaping industry. For over 30 years, we have worked consistently to provide commercial, residential, and HOA clients in the Northern Virginia Area with the best overseeding services at the most cost-effective pricing. We offer customized services that meet client needs and focus on personalization. You not only get high-quality lawns but outstanding customer service as well.

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is the process used to spread a mixture of grass seeds and fertilizer on a lawn surface. This process provides additional nutrients to the soil while making sure that the sparse areas are properly covered with new grass. Overseeding also helps to curb the growth of weeds while helping your lawn look green and lush.

We have vast expertise in lawn care and always recommend to our clients that they get this as part of their annual lawn care plans. Overseeding helps to fills in bare areas while increasing the thickness and density of your turf. Also, not all grass seed is the same.

We use only the best grade, certified seed that helps lend a dark green color to the grass. It also increases its drought tolerance, disease resistance, as well as overall appearance. If any touchups are needed later, our team will handle that job too. We are the turf care experts that always prioritize customer satisfaction, and that is evident in every job we take up.

Latest Overseeding Techniques

We apply the seed at a specific rate of around 5 pounds of seed/square feet. Our expertise in this space is unparalleled, and we have in-depth knowledge about all aspects of lawn maintenance. In most cases, overseeding follows aeration and fertilization. However, our team will first visit your property and then recommend which steps would help to boost the growth of the grass on your lawns.

We are very systematic in our approach to any lawn care job, and that is the case when we aerate residential and commercial lawns as well. Aerating and overseeding your lawns will help improve their condition and appearance.

Cost-Effective Commercial Overseeding Services

We offer these services to residential, commercial, and HOA clients and never compromise on quality. Most HOA and commercial properties have more expansive lawn spaces, and these areas also see more foot traffic than residential ones. It is why they may need to be overseeded more often.

But there is no hard and fast rule, and sometimes we have seen that residential lawns also become bare or thin due to overuse. This is especially the case in homes with kids and pets or where the homeowners entertain a lot and host parties on their lawns. You will also find that just as we offer quality, we also provide these services at competitive lawn overseeding costs.

We are committed to quality, so you get outdoor spaces that look great and last long. For any more information about our overseeding services, please call us at 703-926-6320. Feel free to contact Thorpe Landscape Inc. for a free consultation, estimate as well as references. You can also request a free estimate through the form on this page.